The following prerequisites are needed to compile libui-node, which is used by Vuido.


npm install --global --production windows-build-tools


If they are not provided by default in your distribution:

Ubuntu / Debian

sudo apt install build-essential libgtk-3-dev


  • Xcode

xcode-select --install

Quick Setup

The easiest way to start using Vuido is to use Vue CLI to create a new project.

In order to use the vue init command, you can install the vue-cli package globally:

npm install --global vue-cli

If you prefer to use the new Vue CLI 3 instead, you have to install both @vue/cli and @vue/cli-init:

npm install --global @vue/cli @vue/cli-init

Run the following command to create the project (replace my-project with the name of your project):

vue init mimecorg/vuido-webpack-template my-project

Enter the directory created by vue-cli and install all dependencies:

cd my-project
npm install

Now you can build and run your application:

npm run build
npm start

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